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What do I need to start?

If you are using Visual Studio .NET 2005 you can install the Visual Studio Project Template (that is included in the download release package). There is a project template for C# and VB.NET.

When using Visual Studio .NET 2003 or any other editor you download the latest release package and extract the files to a temporary folder. You will find following libraries:
  • AjaxPro.dll
  • AjaxPro.2.dll
  • AjaxPro.JSON.dll
  • AjaxPro.JSON.2.dll

The libraries ending with .2.dll are for use with .NET version 2.0. The AjaxPro.JSON DLLs offer only JSON <-> .NET serialization/deserialization, there is no Ajax support included.

Choose the AjaxPro.dll for .NET 1.x or the AjaxPro.2.dll for .NET 2.0 and add this file as a new reference to your web application project.

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